Hosted by Sharon Bridgforth, Who Yo People Is
gives space to POC and LGBTQ artists to tell their stories.
Guests speak intimately about who raised them, their cultures, traditions, growing up experiences
and how that shapes their artistic practices, vision and community activism.

 Each guest is a critically acclaimed award winning artist whose work is rooted in social justice.
But these conversations with Sharon are not the pretty bits that bios and artist statements are made of
these are bloody memories, flesh offerings, tales of resilience, transgression, triumph and self-determination.

In this series, Sharon, a self employed touring artist since 1998, shares her people.
Artists that she has been teacher/mentor/student/collaborator – long time family with in her artistic Journey.
Together they laugh and cry and shout out their stories - as ways forward/to Love.

Season One is dedicated to giving space to intimate conversations with
Black women, women of color and LGBTQ artists under 45
whose Work and artistic practices are rooted in serving our communities
through healing/creative/Spiritual and cultural traditions - centered in Love.


yo host



Raised by African-American Southerners who moved to Los Angeles determined to make a better life for themselves, their families
and those to come
I am a child of the
Great African-American Migration.

I’ve always Loved listening to the elders in my family talk about Home . . . my Great-Auntie Bea telling me over and over the same stories which I now understand were our family history. Uncle June Bug in the kitchen singing to emphasize what ever truth he was stretching. The sounds of finger popping, bid whist, fried chicken, and Bobby Blue Bland. Whispers of tears floating in from another room. Multiple realities coexisting. Jesus. Cigarettes, and liquor. The names of the dead called every day. Home remedies. Gossip. Call, and response. The art of repetition. Altars. Always dancing. The use of humor as medicine.
Making beauty out of nothing. Prayer.
This is my cultural inheritance. It is the bone, and marrow of my work.

Born a day Dreamer.
I am Inspired by other people’s stories/family Journey’s/blood memories and Knowings.
I have always wondered

who yo people is.

Thanks to Sayra Pinto and Matthew Kolan this podcast series is supported by The Crossroads Leadership Lab
which is part of the University of Vermont’s Leadership for Sustainability Master’s Program
in the Rubinstein School of Environment and Natural Resources. The Crossroads Leadership Lab is interested in the interplay of the emergent and the endangered in leadership practice. They believe that the path forward in these times will be illuminated by wisdom traditions and ways of knowing that are inspired by creativity, spiritual practice, critical inquiry, and relationships with our more-than-human kin.

“My Life’s Work is in core connection with The Crossroads Leadership Lab mission and Vision.
Additionally, as I move into my NextNow in Work and Life
I have found that connecting with Black Women, POC & LGBTQ artists
is essential to my own wellness and ability to Dream.”