Bonus Track - Rajasvini Bhansali

This week we wobbling baby - back to 2003
to an interview I did with
Rajasvini Bhansali!

Today I am sharing an excerpt of a conversation that Rajasvini and I recorded in 2003 in Austin, TX. at Paco’s Internet Cafe (see below). Rajasvini reads some of her poetry…talks a bit about how growing up in India shaped her sensibilities of poetry and the arts, she shares lessons learned from June Jordan about “relentless imagination, political clarity and revolutionary trust”, and speaks about the work of bringing the dance to the revolution with our words. 

Rajasvini Bhansali

“She is a Ghazal in search of her reframe.” Excerpt From Rajasvini’s Poem, The Story of Flat Feet (Published in Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic). Listen to her read it in this Episode.

Rajasvini is Executive Director of Solidaire.  Solidaire is a community of individual donors and foundation allies who are committed to funding progressive social movements. Born and raised in India, Rajasvini earned a Master’s in Public Affairs with a focus on technology and telecommunications policy from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin, and a Bachelor′s in Astrophysics and Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities & Social Sciences from UC Berkeley…where she was a part of June Jordan’s Poetry For The People. Rajasvini has been involved in community organizing and volunteer board roles for the last two decades. More about Rajasvini HERE.

Back in da day with Rajasvini, myself and my Omi Osun Joni L. Jones.

Back in da day with Rajasvini, myself and my Omi Osun Joni L. Jones.

In 2003  I received a grant from The Funding Exchange/The Paul Robeson Fund For Independent Media  - to produce: The Finding Voice Productions radio show, creative writing workshop series and spoken word event series in Austin, TX.

The radio show featured Austin based artist/activists and aired on UT Austin’s KVRX FM on the Radio Caraco show thanks to Alan Gomez. The Finding Voice Productions Radio Show was produced by myself and Jackie Cuevas. Shows Were Directed By: myself, Jackie Cuevas, Omi Osun Joni L. Jones, Maggie Jochild, Carole Mettellus and Desi Perez Perez. Sound Engineer: K T Shorb. Tecno Diva Anna Sisnett (who created the show blog amongst other things) 

Writing Workshops Where Facilitated by:
Rajasvini Bhansali, Florinda Bryant, Zell Miller 111 and Maggie Jochild

Spoken Word Events Where Curated by:
Shia Shabazz, Zell Miller 111 and Virginia Grise

Additional Sponsors Where: YWCA racial justice program (thanks to Diana Gorham), Resistencia bookstore and Paco’s Internet Cafe (Jackie Cuevas and Jennifer Margulies’s House).

Sharon Bridgforth