Episode 06 - D'Lo

In this episode, D’LO and I are joined by Dr. Omi Osun Joni L. Jones (my wife).   The three of us talk about shining light on queer narratives; cities and islands; artists; academics; and what it feels like to grow into our various rolls as elders too soon. We revisit some of my back in the day craycray that D’Lo witnessed me grow through, and we speak on the power of staying in it with each other/finding our messy way forward with patience and kindness and Love.

D’LO is an actor/writer/comic who in addition to touring his own solo works, has been in many films and series including: TRANSPARENT (Amazon), SENSE 8 (Netflix), Mr. ROBOT (CW)  \ BRUISING FOR BESOS, DYKE CENTRAL and his own web series PRIVATE DICK.  

Omi is an artist/scholar whose work focuses on performance ethnography, theatrical jazz, Yoruba-based aesthetics, Black Feminisms, and activist theatre. 

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Sharon Bridgforth